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MP3 snippets From Head-Roc's latest album: "NEGROPHOBIA!"
Cris Columbus
Produced by Hec Dolo
Bernard Hopkins
Produced by D. Cooper and D. Lee
Speak To Us
Produced by Head-Roc, K'Alyn, and D. Lee
Lord God In Heaven (Revisited)
Produced by Head-Roc
Cris Columbus (UK Remix)
Produced by The Last Skeptik
*not available on "NEGROPHOBIA!"

The following MP3 snippets are from Head-Roc's solo album:
The Return of Black Broadway
Produced by Team Demolition
Produced by DJ Roddy Rod
These Motherfuckers
Produced by Head-Roc feat. Ms. Teapot
Sermon on the Metro
Produced by Theory of Infinite Loop
Message to the Elders
Produced by Team Demolition
The Skills
Featuring Noyeek the Grizzly Bear
Produced by Head-Roc


Young Jefferson
Produced by Head-Roc
Produced by Head-Roc
Produced by Head-Roc
Produced by DJ Eurok and D-Man

So, what is Capitol Resistance?

A new radio show, produced and hosted by Head-Roc and Alien #29, broadcast via the internet on Brighton, UK's Totally Radio Network.

Put it to you like this: Capitol Resistance is accessible worldwide, positioning Washington DC's independent hip-hop players for unprecedented exposure.   Think about it - unfiltered, uncensored airtime with no bullshit big media commercial overground radio station babylon bizness.

Ya got that?
DC Hip Hop. Our art, our voice, pure real DC flavor.

  • Listen to Show #1 (02/22/2002)
  • Listen to Show #2 (04/11/2002)
  • Listen to Show #3 (06/27/2002)
        Part of Capitol Resistance's D.C. Icon Series (DCIS), feat.
        Asheru of Unspoken Heard
  • Listen to Show #4 (08/25/2002)
        Part of Capitol Resistance's D.C. Icon Series (DCIS), feat.
        Team Demolition
  • Listen to Show #5 (11/10/2002)
        Part of Capitol Resistance's D.C. Icon Series (DCIS), feat.
        Head-Roc, Pun One, Fudge and Platted Mind
  • Listen to Show #6 (2/17/2003)
        Part of Capitol Resistance's D.C. Icon Series (DCIS), feat.
        The Poem-Cees, with Natural Law and Black Picasso,
        DJ Roddy Rod (MASSPYKE fame) and DJ D’Salaam
        (Storm the Unpredictable).

    Enjoy DC in the mix and watch for additional shows to come!

    Further Information
    If you like what you hear on Capitol Resistance, and you would like to get more information about any of the artists you hear on the show, drop an email to Head-Roc or Alien #29.
    Much love to Claire and the Crew at the Totally Radio Network for believin' in us and giving us the chance to shine.

    March on Washington against the Bush Administration's proposed war on Iraq | MLK Weekend, January 18th 2003
    Click the link below to view video of the days' events:
    [ Streaming Real Audio file | 24579 KB ]

    Money for reparations, not for war! Buildup on the Mall, pre-march We ain't goin' nowhere Stop the War! A scene of the massive flowing crowd on M street, post-march It's the Oil, Stupid!

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